Monday, March 29, 2010


...i did, really.

What, you don't believe me????

no time to convince you or me.
but I did smile....what was it, when, hmmmm; it's a little foggy, something about my Grandpa, a musical play, some glitter, a couple the kids friends here and there, political meetings, making quilts, a birthday party, a date....late night--but a date none the less, some pick up sticks, a few lincoln logs, extra shoes piled by the front door, scouts scouting for food, laughter from the other room, a hug when i was crying, some burnt toast, a phone call from a friend at the right moment, and one who just stopped by, perfect scriptures for me during family study impressing thoughts of personal comfort.
a couple of thoughtful cards, a game of old maid, softly falling snow, SUNSHINE, a foot rub, a good movie, a new friend, a lot of prayer, a melancholy song, and the feeling of arms around me when no one was there.

yes, i smiled!


LeShel said...

love these smiles and that I finally have a moment to catch up on the bloggy world.


Liz said...

Smiling right back at you! :O)

Christie Gardiner said...

:) :) :)

suzie said... anybody in there?

Stephanie K said...

you're so great :) Love you lots!!

si tu veux said...

suzie: no one is here...leave a message! [oh wait, you did that and it didn't work, LOL]

steph: you think??? Love you too!

Liz said...

Just stopping by to say "HI"!

my happiness!

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