Monday, November 27, 2006


WOW!!! Things couldn’t have taken a more difficult twist. The past three days are a blur. It is Sunday, I came home this morning for the Sacrament meeting program with my family, I have been at my sisters since Friday. On Friday I took my kids down to see the twins, when I got to my sisters, she called. She was out having her hair done and began to hemorrhage. She was in trouble and needed me to bring her some clothes. She called back to tell me never mind she was on her way to the emergency room. Her hematocrate was down to 19 by the time she got there and she was admitted. On Saturday morning she had an emergency hysterectomy. This has been very devastating to her and to me. I just can’t stop crying. I feel so drained. My kids did a superb job speaking in Sacrament meeting. They took all but 6 minutes, which Brian and I split. I was so proud and thankful. This afternoon we went to Sam Wellers bookstore and sat in the window reading books together. We were their living window display. It was really fun and relaxing to be with my family. I am heading back down to my sisters to help with the twins during the night. My brother Jake is being the surrogate mom and dad right now until my sister get’s feeling better. This is just so overwhelming and scary. We could have lost my sister, she nearly bled to death, and when her babies had only been home 18 hours, she is back in the hospital. She will come home sometime this week if all goes well.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sam Wellers Living Window Display

Clarissa Rose, reading our favorite Christmas story,
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.
A tradition to read each night, finish by Christmas.


Sam and Jeremy!

Daddy and Sam!

A tradition to sit in the window during the Holidays,
and be the living window display,
downtown Salt Lake, Sam Wellers Bookstore on Main.
Fun Family Times!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

A Perfect Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 23, 2006 – Thanksgiving Day

I really enjoyed today. We had a quiet morning, I worked on some school work and tried to understand my math, I have missed all the lectures for these past two chapters, and there is a test next week. We are headed over to my Sister and Brother – in – laws for turkey, then to my foster sister’s house this evening. I am looking forward to the day with family.

Very exciting day, I just talked to my sister (with the twins) and they are home today. What a perfect thanksgiving, the girls came home, Emma still has to wear a heart monitor for a while, but they are both 6 pounds and healthy. I will plan to go down and help with them a bit for the next little while; I am just so grateful that they are home.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Crash and BURN

Well, I guess it was time for things to crash a bit. My little Samuel ended up in the hospital last night with possible early appendicitis. He had severe abdominal pain. They tried a enema on him, then did two bolus of fluids through an IV, finally doing a CAT scan on him and blood work, letting us bring him home feeling a bit better, but not 100%. He is only 7, and what he went through was horrible for a kid. I just felt so bad and worried.

Jake returns from Portland today. I had my English class, and really need to push to get on top of things for next week. My paper needs to be done, and I need to have a presentation ready. My kids are out of school tomorrow and I am a bit worried about juggling my Math class in the morning, I haven’t found someone to watch them yet. Sam is not feeling perfectly well and I don’t really want to leave him. I really think that the past week has been the calm before the storm.

Tonight when I took Gavin to Young Men’s the bishop asked if we would speak as a family in Sacrament meeting on Sunday. I figured what the heck, on top of what we have been dealing with, this would be a breeze. Besides it will be good for my kids to hear something from their Dad, he is usually really goods at avoiding things like this.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I skipped my math this morning, with the kids out of school and all I figured they could appreciate their mom being home with them. We cleaned house and wrote their talks for the Sacrament meeting Sunday. They each chose something really cool to talk about, Gratitude is our subject, and it was sweet to spend the time working with them. Today was a perfect way to spend a Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Arizona and the Dixie Chicks

Last night was great. The company was super, we had a blast, and then the kids slept over to their Aunt’s house, so Brian and I had a quiet evening together. It was lovely. The play wasn’t as good as I had hoped, but Charlene wasn’t disappointed, and since it was her birthday present I can’t complain. Tonight I head out to Arizona. The Dixie Chicks concert is Sunday night. I am looking forward to a great and relaxing weekend. I am feeling really positive as things seem to be going really well for all my loved ones, the twins are healthy and growing, Emma has a heart murmur and also has sleep apnea, but otherwise her and Eliza are doing well. My brother will be returning from Portland to help when the babies come home, Jesse and Jessica brought Nate home and are doing well, my family is doing great, the holidays are coming, the semester is nearly over; it just feels really good.

November 18, 2006 through Monday, November 20, 2006

A summary of the weekend that I spent in Arizona, all is well. The concert was great. I took time off of worrying about my paper for English class, so I will really have to spend some time catching up this week. We have a break from school, for Thanksgiving, should be pretty good. I didn’t really plan well, and have missed a few of my Math classes, so I am feeling like I am getting behind in Math and English, but should be able to stay on top of things. The concert could not have been better, and for the first time that I have stayed with my sister in Arizona I felt that we really took advantage of the whole time I was there and really enjoyed. On Saturday I went to my friend, Staci’s house and brought her a baby shower from Utah. She is having a girl, after three boys. Her family moved to Arizona last summer, and we have missed her terribly. It was really fun to get with her friends from here in Utah and buy gifts to “shower” her with pink this weekend. She was so excited and thankful, and I was spoiled to be there with her. It was a great weekend.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Pride and Prejudice

My friend Charlene came in to Salt Lake today from Teasdale. It is her birthday and we are going to see the play “Pride and Prejudice” at the Pioneer Memorial Theatre. Brian and Dave, her husband, are taking in a movie. We are all going out to dinner beforehand. I am pretty excited. This is her favorite movie, my favorite book (one of them). It should be pretty fun. I am also looking forward to a trip to Arizona this weekend, and feeling pretty good about the Semester being nearly over. I have done really well to stay ahead of my classes and feel really confidant.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wednesday Whoas.....

November 15, 2006

Another Wednesday, and of course as busy as ever; today we added a couple of extra activities for the kids; why not, it’s Wednesday, the day that makes every other day seem easy. I am just thankful that it won’t come for another week, and next week the kids are out of school, and I won’t be taking them to all the extra-curricular activities that Wednesday’s bring!!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

shout out to my kids...THANKS!

Today was the SCC meeting for school. My kids behaved extremely well yet again. I am so thankful. I realize that chairing this is a burden for our family, or could be if it weren’t for their support and appreciation for what I do for their school. I am thankful that they are so good during the meetings.

Monday, November 13, 2006

November 12, 2006

Today was a pretty calm day. We just spent time together; church, dinner, watching a movie. It was really nice to not have a whole lot going on, to take a breath in the midst of a crazy and consuming life. I really think the most positive thing was just being together with my family. It feels like the calm before the storm; the holidays and such coming up.

November 13, 2006

I had a math test today, it seemed to go well. Today the kids had show n’ tells for their dance and music class. I love the curriculum of our children’s elementary school. They are really lucky to be able to have the arts in their school. I am glad that so many parents find it a benefit to raise the money to support this. Especially after watching the movie, Mr. Holland’s Opus and recognizing the transformation of arts in schools and the effect it has had on education. It really put into focus what a tremendous blessing it is that we attend Wasatch Elementary, I would not have considered the magnificence of this without experiencing that movie at this time of our life.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Grand America....where's Brian and why are the kids here???

What a wonderful weekend. Brian had meetings this morning so I had Colleen bring the kids down to the Grand America to spend the rest of the morning in the room hanging out. First Brian and I had breakfast at the buffet. We are truly spoiled with each other. He is amazing. The kids came around 9:30 am; Clarissa took a bubble bath in the ginormous tub, then Jeremy wanted to go in for a swim. Gavin and Sam both enjoyed a shower in the huge shower. We all watched TV and had room service. It was great. Then we took a tour of the whole hotel, spending some time in the courtyard. We arrived back home around 1 pm. Brian came home shortly afterward from his meetings and we enjoyed the rest of the day. It was nice to take a break from the day to day routine together. The kids loved it and it was fun to share it with them.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Grandpa and Veteran's Day at Wasatch

Also, today was the Veteran’s day program that Gavin helped to put on at the Elementary School. It could not have been better. The whole program was done with such a reverence and respect in honoring those who have fought in our wars. My grandfather, and my grandmother, was able to come. I drove to American Fork to pick them up. It was absolutely amazing to experience the feeling of honor and respect these school children showed to them. My grandfather sat in tears, and for Gavin to be standing up there watching my grandfather’s reaction will be a part of his life memories forever. I think that I even saw some tears come from Gavin, as he was truly experiencing the reverence for those who sacrificed for our freedoms. I think that every child should experience a program such as this; it changed how my son viewed the idea of war and freedom. It was a wonderful way to celebrate and honor Veterans Day.

Tonight I will be going to stay at the Grand America with Brian, we are really looking forward to some quiet time alone together.

Baby Nate is Born!!!

Today is a very exciting day for our family. My brother Jesse and his girlfriend Jessica had their baby boy, Nate!!! This is just such a wonderful thing for Jesse and it was so exciting to hear from him. They had been in labor for something like 28 hours by the time Nate decided to come. Jake flew back to Portland yesterday morning and it was awesome that he was able to be there with our brother. I just feel so thankful that all is well with them.

Monday, November 6, 2006

Great Movie - Mr. Holland's Opus

The values that I saw in Mr. Holland were those of creativity, renowned and maybe a bit of wealth. He saw being a teacher as a means of allowing him the opportunity to seek what he really wanted in life. As a teacher there was always something that required more of his time, taking away from what he thought was the thing he most wanted. You could see a transformation in him and his values as the movie went on. When he looked outside of his personal desires, he was able to really do something good with his talents and time. He influenced many people, and in the process he did create something better than what he even would have. I think that when he looked at his "opus" and recognized each person and situation at the end of his teaching career he had to have realized how each of these people influenced his ability to reach his dream, he would not have without them, and they would not be who they are without him. His values changed to be more about his family, his community; he became a really good person. For me I thought that it is really important to know what you want, but to not get so caught up in seeking it that you lose the opportunities to become more. You can become a better person when you use your talents and abilities to serve and teach and influence others. The movie also made me really think about what is happening in society that influences parts of every moment of our lives. I think that sometimes changes are so gradual: politics, wars, are just a part of today; we forget what an impact they have on our decisions, our lives, and who we are. Seeing a span of so many years in one person’s life, using the reality of that time was powerful. I was really sad to see music and arts taken out of the schools because of budgets. My children’s school raises $40,000 a year to keep arts, I had not really considered all the schools that are going without those experiences until seeing this portrayed, very sad. Two things from the movie that I was left to really in 1965 when the US president was quoted saying "as there are men who hate and destroy we will resist, we must stand". This parallels what we are dealing with today, and as always we can learn a lot from our history. And second at the end of the movie when one of the characters says, "Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans." I think that as far as the person that I want to become being influenced by this movie, I certainly would like to be able to see outside of my own dreams and interests to acknowledge the people who are a part of my life, realizing that by living everyday to its best being who I am and caring about others around me I will be able to achieve what I want, and probably something even better.

Friday, November 3, 2006

all is well

Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2006

Another busy Wednesday. I figure this is hump day, the middle of the week, the beginning of the week is restful, and the end of the week is as well. Wednesday makes me think positively about the rest of my week. It makes me think about how if we don’t struggle through things in life we don’t appreciate the good as well. Because of Wednesday, I enjoy my entire week.

Thurs. Oct. 26, 2006

Today I was able to go to the kid’s school to hear the choir. Gavin did such a wonderful job singing. I really enjoy being a part of my kids adventures and accomplishments. He is really good at singing. This coming Sunday he has to sing a solo for the Sacrament Meeting Program. I am excited for him. Brian and I have been asked to sing the last two verses with him. It should be a good experience.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Yesterday we had so much going on. Clarissa had Activity Days; Brian went to an ELP meeting for Gavin. I have a test in Math this morning and so I have just been studying a lot. Hopefully it will go well. This weekend will be very busy with all the Halloween festivities and the Primary Program. Thankful and positively happy to be so healthy right now.

Saturday, Oct. 27, 2006

I did well on my math test. I have to go in and retake a couple of my tests, only because I want to be sure to do well in the course, and understand the information, but doing well so far. The positive thing is that I am beginning to enjoy math more.

Today Sam had a Soccer game at 9 am. The kids had a primary program practice at 9 am as well. Sam has a birthday party at 2:30; Gavin also has a birthday party at 12:30, then he is going to the U of U football game. The kids have a piano recital this evening, and we have a family Halloween party right after that in Utah County. Tomorrow is the primary program. I am glad that I am not doing all of this alone. I have help from my brother today and Brian is doing some of the running around as well. Should be fun to look back on someday, I will wonder how I did so much and why!!!

Sunday, Oct. 28, 2006

Today was wonderful. It was delightful to see the kids do their parts in the program. I was so tearful during Gavin’s talk. This was his last in the primary, when it was time to sing with him, I couldn’t because I was crying. I am so proud of him, and all that I could think of was the fact that his last 12 years have flown by. I was in primary with him for all 11 years, until this spring. He is a wonderful son. Each of my children has such a special quality to them. The most positive thing in my life is my children and my husband, Brian.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

I missed a couple of days of writing. We had a really fun family night Monday, it was just nice to be home together and back into a good routine. Trick – or – Treating was really fun last night with the kids. We were out for 2 hours. I never thought they would tire or me cold. It was really fun. Jeremy had the most fun when we came home and he got to answer the door for the trick or treaters. He really liked giving out the treats. It was fun to have him be so much more excited about giving, than what he got in his bag.

Thursday, November 2, 2006

Today has been a catch up day for school. I am feeling positive to be getting so much done!!!

Friday, November 3, 2006

Today Clarissa had a Daddy Daughter Date, Brian had to work late, so I took her. I was at first really upset that he wasn’t going to make it. In the long run I had a great time with Clarissa, so all is well.

my happiness!

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