Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Traditions 2007

Mrs. Clause and her little elf.

Grandma Kathy

We asked Grandma Kathy if she would make a Mrs. Claus dress
that she could wear to play Mrs. Claus for our family,
a tradition passed down from Great-Great Grandma,
currently to Great-Grandma,
which will someday become little Clarissa.
We love traditions,
and look forward to helping Grandma Kathy make her dress.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Clarissa!

A few of her baptism day. I guess I am not ready for her to be eleven.

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Clarissa,
Happy Birthday to you!

We love you, xoxoxoxoxo

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Marble Toy

What's better than the Marble Toy?
Being with Grandma, who loves us.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Commentary - Positive Portion Control in a Super Sized World

In our super sized world the portions our kids are eating is almost a worse problem than the food choices themselves. Add that to the lack of movement by kids today and you certainly have a potential national crisis. The video game thumb is the strongest muscle in some youth; add that to the french fry jaw and you have the brawn of the future. How can we as a public promote better health and fitness? One group is not only taking a stand for better fit kids, but promoting kids to stand and walk into a better future.

There is a new trend starting in Elementary Schools around the state because of this group. Kids are not just having a fit about it; they are having a Royal Fit! The fit is for fitness. Royal Fit Club is a new campaign in selected Elementary Schools with the purpose of influencing kids, educators and parents to partner in helping youth to be more conscientious about their health. They promote an understanding that kids healthy future depends upon healthier habits today.
The fact is that our kids are in potential crisis, with serious health issues gripping the nation. Salt Lake City School District (SLCSD) has already implemented a Health and Wellness policy in schools K-12.

According to the facts printed in their policy, “The current generation of children will become the heaviest adults in US history and may be the first generation to have a life-span that is shorter than their parents or grandparents.” “In Utah, 25% of students K-8 are overweight or obese. 37,000 of Utah’s secondary school students are overweight or obese. This is enough to fill 410 classrooms” (2002 UDOH). This is heavy, and not just in weight.

We live in a society where everything is super sized, from our televisions to our take-out. We all want more. What about more life, more quality health, more years to enjoy, and more energy and health in our futures? The SLCSD Wellness Policy calls upon parents, students, teachers, and community members to support them in their efforts to provide a school environment that enhances learning and development of lifelong wellness practices. Their call to the community sparked students of the Salt Lake Community College to put together the Royal Fit Club campaign that will implement resources in the school to help initiate a healthier way of thinking for these kids and their families. Now kids are having a Royal Fit about being part of the Royal Fit Club. Its cool, its competitive, its entertaining, and they are learning more about health and fitness, particularly portion control. These kids are fighting back against a world that serves them adult sized portions. They are learning about how food works in their bodies, and taking a stand to walk into their futures healthier.

Not only does the campaign educate the kids but it calls on parents to better understand what is healthy to serve up for their kids. The program wants to see parents partner in parental control and guidance for their kids future. Now days you can parental control their television viewing, parental control the video games they play, why not parental control the portion size. What goes into these kids today is what comes out tomorrow. Our super sized world needs a super sized effort to stand for a healthier and fit future.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Commentary on Environmental Effects of Human Existence

Recently there have been widespread concerns from government to grassroots drawing attention to the conditions of the environment due to the new “nature” of human existence, reflecting a lack of respect for the land we use, the air we breathe and the water we drink. I am writing this letter because I strongly believe that you need to be thinking about some serious events which have an enormous effect on the outcome of your future. The history and past of our nation, while not in your control, continues to create a potentially dangerous environment for you and for those who will become of you. These dangers include the condition of your land, the air you breathe, and the water you drink.
You took your first breath of air on the day you were born. You didn’t have any say about the condition of that air. You trusted that is was good and nature told you to just do it. Breathing is natural; there is not much thinking involved. You were taken to a home, a piece of land, prepared for you to nurture you. You didn’t have to do anything to deserve it, you didn’t have to manage or care for it. It was just there for you. You were given drink at thirst. From a tiny being you needed water to thrive and it was given, without consideration of its origin. This is your past.
The present causes much concern. The way of life for all human beings is changing. You must educate yourself to understand the events that are unfolding; the conditions of the land, the air, the water and what is effecting and creating a potentially hazardous environment for all our future. It is imperative that you understand your relationship with these and the effects of your existence on the land, the air and water each day that you live.
I want you to better understand and acknowledge that the things you were given on the day you were born, air, clean land, water, will not be available to your future, to your child’s children if you do not come to a better understanding of the effects of your actions. There is literature representing the oral legend of Smoking Waters in which the people of the mountains are spoken of as living in peace, one with nature. It goes that “the forest and streams fed them so that they never slept hungry. They were content with their brothers and sisters; they were safe in the shelter of the mountains.” The old man of the mountains, Smoking Waters, had a vision. He saw that the people would become greedy and plagued with war. He told the people, “we are happy, we have what we need, we need nothing more.” Many Feathers argued with war brings power, saying, “we can make ourselves heros, war will bring power to our people.” The people laughed at the old man and mocked his wisdom and vision. With leaving nature and seeking power these people soon saw their children crying for food, wives alone, men and fathers gone; the people of the mountains were no longer happy. Smoking waters cried and grieved, his tears mingled with the mountain spring and became a hot spring. His tears and love live on and his legend is believed to be the hot springs of the mountain, soothing the sick and weary and healing the wounded. Smoking Waters gift is love and peace to all people. What legend do you leave your children if you do not acknowledge your choices effect on the availability of nature’s peace?
The impact of human choice on nature has commonly been known as “human nature”; our nature is to use the resources at hand. Argumentatively, the choices that humans make in using up resources are not natural. It is as though somehow the future will take care of itself. I believe this is not an option. Please start to think, educate yourself, and desire to make a better future for you and those who come of you. You can begin by discovering how much your existence affects the resources in your personal community, and how you can change.
Your future will not regret your present if you engage in the discussion that you can change the outcome by acknowledging the past, by better living in the present. Your human nature will be naturally followed if you will stand for a better way of living.

Friday, December 7, 2007


Being in the middle of finals is never the greatest place to be. I would rather be just to the outside, and getting ready for the holidays.

I am taking a break to think about this person that I spend most of my time with, me.

Officially, who am i, right now. Not the person that I am embarrassed of (the past), or the person I hope to meet (in the future).

Today, I am all the opportunities I have taken, all the mistakes I have made. Leftover from yesterday....the burnt toast, scraped, with jelly.

I am taking Math, Brazilian Capoeira, a writing class, and still trying to re-learn some piano basics. I use my children for gain. Whatever they are learning, I learn along with them. I am jealous of them most of the time, because they are confident, loved, and secure. Three things I never felt.

I am past my years of Chairing the School Community Council for Wasatch Elementary, yet heavily involved in making our children's education the very best, and creating an educational environment that is seriously in the best interest of the children whom it serves.

I am just outside of leading our ward's primary Sacrament Meeting program, as chorister. After 7 "seriously" long years as Primary President, I am seeing that I learned so much more teaching music to these lovely little creatures.

I am becoming more and more rebellious, and questioning my beliefs. What do I believe, and how do I want to live my life.????

I am loving the many books that I am reading, confused because I can't seem to read just one.

I am looking forward to family events, and enjoying the ones that we have recently had.

I am wishing that I was on vacation; Japan, Maine, Boston, Tennessee, Arizona, Oregon, even Moab. All with so many memories.

I am loving every Wednesday night, when my Brian and I take an evening to ourselves, to be in love, romantic, and to rekindle the love that brought me to like who I am. (props to our sweet sister who takes the children for the night, and thank you for the one morning that I could sleep in if I ever stopped scheduling my classes so early!!!!!)

Back to studying I must go. It's only my 4.0 at stake.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Burnt Toast

Do you ever feel like you are burnt toast? Literally. Cooked too long and useful to no one.

I learned today that if you scrape the burn off, then the toast actually tastes pretty good. Why I bothered to do that, rather than just making a fresh piece of toast would take too long to explain.

And truth is, the scraping really makes a mess. My life. Scraping the burn off is really making a mess.

I wonder if it is worth it.

my happiness!

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