Tuesday, August 29, 2006

my daughter thinks she hates me

Didn’t do so well on the English, that’s what I get for waiting, not reading the assignments carefully and rushing to accomplish. I did the work for the whole week, misunderstanding on my part. Positive note; I have the assignments for Thursday in the bag. Had a breakdown with my daughter today, she decided that she “hates me”, thankfully changing her mind and talking to me about her problem after being given time to think in her room. Maybe that is what I need, more time alone to think in my room.

Monday, August 28, 2006

a house of order???

I have positive feelings that we will get our house in order this week. Looking ahead, if we all stay on task, we should be living in some semblance of order by Friday. I finished my math assignments and so far am getting it. Family night tonight, Brian planned the lesson, cool!!! I have writing assignments to do for English, waited till the last minute.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Spent some alone time with Samuel while the rest of the family went to church. He has really been needing one on one. We played Monopoly. After church we watched a family movie. I got a quick nap, which felt great, and nobody noticed.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Saturday is a special day....

Didn’t get around to much of the housework today, but the kids smiled and played, and we did get time to work on their new point system for the school year, which they understand and seems to be motivating them to stay on a schedule and on task. Positive thing: I actually slept better on Clarissa’s floor than I have in a week in my own room listening to Sam’s cough (from West Nile Virus, Sam is 7 and has not felt well for over a week) and having up to two kids in bed with us and one on the floor. Maybe her room is the perfect hideout for me.

Friday, August 25, 2006


Today was a bit better for the running. Kids have a half day of school. They were on time, so was I. We had to be to the school by 8 am for Jeremy’s kindergarten appointment and we made it. I got to class on time, had lunch with a friend, picked the kids up, avoided housework, tried to figure out my assignments for this class, to no avail, will work on it more this weekend. The journal thing is all I have figured out so far, so I am doing it diligently. The kids are picking up on it and doing better on their journals as well, positive. I am having a sleepover with my 9 year old daughter in her room tonight. Tomorrows positive thing will depend on the amount of sleep we get on her tiny couch folded onto the floor watching movies and eating way too much junk food.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

10-minutes late

Today I was 10 minutes late to my English course. The positive thing in this was that parking was not the problem (which every student knows is usually the trouble with the Redwood Road campus) but that I went to the wrong building, twice. I kept thinking that I had in my memory what building and room that I was suppose to be in, but I was wrong. After wishing that I would wake from my apparent nightmare and then checking to be sure that I had put clothes on (not showing up to school the first day in you underwear nightmare). I looked in my bag at my hand scribbled schedule and ran to the right building, correct classroom, and looked into the face of my teacher for the quarter, who I have had for a previous course, and called attention to me being late, which brought on some discussion as to why I was late and then his introduction of his expectations and that being on time is pretty much required. I knew it wasn’t a really big deal, but I am a compulsive perfectionist and for me it seemed to really blow my personal expectations. On the positive side, I had found a great parking space, and I made it on time for the rest of the days events, i.e. picking kids up from school, soccer, piano, the usual stuff for Thursday. (I just realized that I wrote Tuesday as the day, Tuesday after Wednesday, only part of my brain is functioning right now, so I will leave that alone as well as yesterday’s grammatical blunders.)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

on-line journaling

Just a quick note as I begin this course at Salt Lake Community College. I read the little intro to the course in the class schedule book and thought that it would be interesting to take and learn more about myself, potentially to work on some of the things that need improvement in my life and to better understand why I am who I am and in the long run become the person I want to be, or at least be headed in that direction. (That was a really long sentence, which I won’t correct because this is my journal and this is the process of my thinking). Today I got my kids all off to their first day of class on time and I was only 5 minutes late to my first Math class. Not bad, pretty positive when you consider what I have to work with.

my happiness!

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