Monday, May 29, 2006

Gavin - Shakespearean Festival

I keep thinking that I will find these favorite pictures; full of color, vibrant with celebration. Gavin was a juggler, the 6th graders had a feast, Shakespearean style, some spectacular entertainment from that period. It was amazing.

Stay tuned for some future snapshots; for once they have been archived right away, the luck. And I even printed about 100 of them for thank you cards to give the volunteers. Crazy time; with hand rolled, burned edge invitations; shields and swords; fancy dress-ups. Of all the pictures to miss posting....

Well, if I don't get to it, just around the corner will be Clarissa in the 6th grade...oh boy, and then, possibly, a picture.

The Pie!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Wasatch Art Festival

6th Grade
Kayla Kummer, 6th Grade, Mrs. Hendry
Gavin, 5th grade hall, Mrs. Carruth
Gavin's class, Ms Carruth. Sadako, they made 1,000 paper cranes. Cool story below.
Gavin, what is going on in his head. 5th grade

Sam, Ms. Vasquez
(we love her, she taught Gavin and Clarissa and me too)

The hall of masks, 500ish.

Alyssa, 1st grade, I choose this picture because
it shows respect for my family and my things.
(Mrs. Johnsons class, our favorite too)

Sam, he wrote: I feed animals when they are lonely.
We put them in a cave until we get back from the store.
Then I take care of them.Clarissa's Hall, 2nd/3rd split class with Miss Lloyd
Clarissa's mobile

Appearances - "Respect"
This mirror reminds me that we need to respect each other,
not just outward appearances but what is inside.

Jenny with Alyssa
Sam, Kindergargen
Alyssa, 1st grade

Clarissa, left top

Sam's mask, lower right. Its a flower, yeah!
Gavin's mask, somthing to do with the earth!
Clarissa's mask, an African elephant.

We love our school. These are some samplings of the art work from this year. The kids all made masks. See the pictures of the masks being made. What an experience. I think I spent 50 hours at the school helping with those masks. Oh, boy.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Grandma and Grandpa House - The Tire Swing!

Yes, Memories, peaceful memories,
made at Grandma and Grandpa's place!

my happiness!

Daisypath - Personal pictureDaisypath Anniversary tickers
“You will have significant experiences. I hope that you will write them down and keep a record of them, that you will read them from time to time and refresh your memory of those meaningful and significant things. Some may be funny. Some may be significant only to you. Some of them may be sacred and quietly beautiful. Some may build one upon another until they represent a lifetime of special experiences.” ~Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley


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