Tuesday, March 22, 2011

the many phases....er faces...

Faces of CECE!

my niece
Cecilia Elizabeth Gray. "♥ hi daddy ♥" .

...very good at multitasking...

see how she can
talk on the phone
and organize hair elastics
at the same time!
...good at making you smile...

...and letting you know
exactly how she feels!...

So many faces...so little time!!!

Life is about phases ....right?
I have been thinking that
I must be going thru a phase.

I am generally more on top of things.
I handle life...and love....and even laugh!
Lately, however,
life has handed me more lemons
than I can make lemon-aid with.
I have even tried putting some down the drain
my bushel continues to runneth over!
[ anyone looking for lemons give me a holler ]

Not to complain,
although I am a master at it...but SERIOUSLY!

Anyhow, I was thinking today that this is just a phase. I am not sure I want to get good at it because I certainly don't want the next phase if it is harder than this.... I am a little tapped out.

PHASE by definition is:

.noun, verb, phased, phas·ing.

any of the major appearances
or aspects in which
a thing of varying modes or conditions
manifests itself to the eye or mind.
a stage in a process of change or development:
Each phase of life brings its own joys.
a side, aspect, or point of view:
is only one phase of the question.
a state of synchronous operation:
put two mechanisms in phase.

[of course it is also defined in an Astronomy,
Chemistry, Physics, and a Machinery origin as well.]

...the way I see it
Phase is related to change,
in the organization of matter.

The definition that I am focused on right now is

a stage in a process of change or development:

phase of life brings its own joys

I suppose soon enough
I will recognize

of this phase of my life is bringing me joy!

It seems it is a tremendously difficult stage of life, and yet the challenges are not without blessings and opportunities for growth.
I just need to realize the joy in the journey.
And that I have more strength to endure than at times I feel.

Today I had the thought that the only difference between the word fail and fall is the letter i. How many times a day do I focus on ME....I THIS ...I THAT.....I wonder if I were to let go of my control....???

I hear myself say 'Just LET GO!!!'

I certainly wish I had the faith to free fall!
That childlike belief that
no matter what you have been through
or what you might face....it's okay sometimes to let go.

Maybe this time.....you'll find your wings!!!

Phases...and faces...
--like Cecilia I have many FACES
going along with my PHASES!
Not all of them are pleasant,
and I don't get away with the screaming as well as she....
[no one seems to find me as cute??!!!!!]

...however, I am pretty good at showing my true colors
these days!

Phase is related to change.....in the organization of matter...

What MATTERS most.....is what makes the difference!
What MATTERS is that while many things CHANGE during all phases of life....what is inside is constant; FAITH based, full of HOPE, and JOY!
this STAGE in the PHASE
of my development will CHANGE me
...for the better!

who knows...maybe i can fly

my happiness!

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