Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday Warrenty

Gavin's Skullcandy
headphones got sat on.

These headphones are in no way cheap.
Clarissa saved and bought them

for him for Christmas.

Actually she paid half,
I think they were about 60$!!!

Being that they were damaged
my son remembered the WARRANTY.

I told him warranty's don't cover

After reading the warranty he called to me
and read it to me...

Warranty info:
[my comments in black]
[of course]

"Skullcandy is proud to provide the best product warranty in the industry: If this product should fail in your lifetime, we will replace it at no charge."

[sounds reasonable]

[here is where it got interesting]

"If the product is damaged by
aggressive music listeners sliding a rail,
sliding down the emergency ramp of your aircraft,
slammed in your locker,
slammed in your car door,
run over by a car,
running into a wall,
getting run out of town,
mountain biking,
road biking,
sky diving,
beating your boyfriend unmercifully,
getting beat down by the man,
blown up in an accidental
experimentation with flammable substances,
or damaged in any other everyday experience,
it means you are living your life
the way we want our product used!

In these, or any other damaging events,
we will replace the product
for a 50% discount from retail.

Love, Skullcandy"

[So, I guess sitting on them
is covered!]

Are you living your life???

Monday, June 22, 2009

Girls Wilderness Camp

This morning I got up, showered, dressed, had some juice, woke Clarissa, talked with her while she straightened things up, sat with her while she made some buttermilk sourdough Cinnamon french toast [her favorite], watched her tiptoe into her brothers rooms and gently say good morning and see ya later, took her to the store for a sprite, some crackers, a candy bar - Hershey's of course, took her to the 11th Ward building, peeked over at her brave face, holding back the tears that she has been so accustomed to shedding as she prepared for this next step in her life, got out of the car, held both of her hands for at least a half an hour, hugged her a dozen times, kissed both cheeks, hugged her again, smiled to hold back the tears, and let go. I let her go, she ran over to her leaders car, turned right around and ran back. I hugged her again, and this time she handed me her open hand, I knew what she wanted, a kissing in the story that I read to her when she went to preschool, a kissing the one that I gave her when she went to kindergarten, a kissing the one I gave her as she drifted off to sleep before she got her appendix out, a kissing the one that I gave her before she took to singing role in the school play, a kissing hand.... and she was gone. Now all I have is prayer, and the knowledge that I have done my best. I have taught her well. She has faith and courage, divine nature, knows her individual worth, feels that she is in the arms of One who will comfort her. I have done all that I can, and she will be able to do the rest. This week she will laugh, she will fall asleep wishing she was home, wishing that her daddy and I were there with her, she will cry a little. She will love a lot, and she will learn. She will come home with more knowledge and testimony of who she is and whom she is becoming. I let her go....

Friday, June 19, 2009

from a friend...

I love when I am reading others experiences and thoughts and find exactly what I needed to hear...and here...I share with you:

The atoning love of the Savior includes His willingness to bear not only the burden of our sins--which would separate us forever from our Father--but also our day-to-day burdens of fear and anxiety--which would deprive us of peace and joy.

As Sister Patricia Holland explains, giving our burdens to the Lord sometimes requires us "to make that leap of faith toward His embrace when we are least certain of His presence...When we hand our fears and frustrations to Him in absolute confidence that He will help us resolve them, when in this way we free our heart and mind and soul of all anxiety, we find in a rather miraculous way that He can instill within us a whole new perspective--He can fill us with 'that joy which is unspeakable and full of glory' (see Helaman 5:44)."

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Why is the 8th of July special this year?

Why is the 8th of July special this year?

At five minutes and six seconds after 4 AM and 4 PM on the 8th of July this year, the time and date will be 04:05:06 07/08/09. This will never happen again.

Monday, June 15, 2009


I love words, the dictionary being my favorite all time book. Numbers are a quick second. Anyone who knows me knows that I love numbers; math, puzzles, NUMBERS. I count everything.

I am pretty sure there are meds for people like me. Obsessive counting and decision making based on numbers. I love odd numbers, I think the Lord gave me four children to help me get over my obsession of the number 3 and 7....our family is perfectly 4 and 6...

While visiting a new couple in our ward Sunday [I am the first counselor (Education) in the Relief Society, we visit sisters pretty much every Sunday]...., while visiting this past Sunday we met a new couple who have been married 44, learning of their recent marriage is one part of the conversation, the important part is that he, YES HE, shared that walking to church, holding her hand, he was ecstatic to think that they had been married FORTY FOUR days!!!

Of course, the story doesn't end there, me basking in new love, and thinking how sweet this young man was to be COUNTING the days, and so in love.

This story is just beginning.....

I walked through the door and Brian immediately sensed that he was in trouble.... always in trouble, generally doesn't know what he did. And there I am.... silently wondering if he is still counting the days...????

B: "What did I do????? ...NOW???"

Me: "I don't know.....maybe it is something you are NOT doing!!!!"


i Dont reaLLy expect too much, do I????

so tonight....Brian comes home, and upon our greeting one another, he whispers into my ear, "SIX THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE DAYS...."

aNd....THE sTOry ConTINueS ♥

Laker Love

Congrats to the LAKERS.....

Listening to the commentary last night
I heard something that immediately I
wrote on a slip of paper.

Talking about Kobe and the challenges
of going from the top,
to the bottom,
and back up again...

One of the commentators said:

"What you go through is transportation to what
you're going to."

This was such an amazing thought.

This post is not so much about the Lakers winning,
while I am celebrating with many great fans

It is about what we all go get to what
we are going to....

Our lives transportation....

struggles, frustrations, loss
all brings us to our championships!!!

May you have hope and strength
in all you are going through
in transport to what you are going to!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wheeler Farm

Jeremy should have been born on a farm,
he loves the animals,
and it goes both ways.
We are always amazed at the flock that follow him.
...if you are wondering, Sam is NOT
patting Jeremy on the back,
he is getting rid of the horse boogers
that he got on his hand while
feeding the horse....
check out the LAUGH on Gavin's face...
yes, having two older brothers
can really be a pain...

When I was in High School I was in the Ag class which worked out at Wheeler Farm. It has been fun to take our family there from time to time to see and feed the animals. The farm has grown and changed a lot, however it is still one of the FREE things you can do in our town. If you want to take the wagon ride it costs about a dollar per person. For a dollar fifty you can buy food for the ducks. Otherwise you can go and see and smell the animals to your hearts content. You can also camp there with your family, and be up early to gather eggs and such. Pony rides are another highlight. Pete still works there, and I believe he is only getting TALLER with age. The fences he had us build are holding up and it brings pride to my heart to see something I HATED doing last for so many years to come. The kids can touch the very nails that I pounded in, venting my teenage rebellion and frustration at having to actually WORK so hard. One of the highlight is helping to milk cows around 5 pm every afternoon. Take the time to check it out, talk about FORCED FAMILY FUN for everyone!!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Make Way For Ducklings!

Clarissa and I were out shopping
for her promotion dress [6th grade!!]
We stopped at the Verizon store
to get her a cover for her phone
and came upon a family of ducklings
in the parking lot.

With Sugarhouse Park on one side,
and Fairmont Park on the other,
we figured these ducks were
just lost in transfer...

We walked them down the sidewalk,

across the street,

avoiding big holed grates,

keeping them going
in the direction of
safety was not too hard,

we just directed the mother,
and the ducklings followed.
the ducklings couldn't get up over the curbs
so clarissa had to give them a lift...

back to the park,
and I believe the mother duck
was trying to say 'thanks'.
safe and sound....yeah! ♥

my happiness!

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“You will have significant experiences. I hope that you will write them down and keep a record of them, that you will read them from time to time and refresh your memory of those meaningful and significant things. Some may be funny. Some may be significant only to you. Some of them may be sacred and quietly beautiful. Some may build one upon another until they represent a lifetime of special experiences.” ~Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley


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