Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Sam ♥

Sam's Birthday Celebrations
started with Family Home Evening
and Homework!!!

Sam is such an amazing boy.
He is always thoughtful and sensitive toward others.
He is a kid who will always get done
what he knows he is responsible for.

He likes to play and joke and laugh.

He is really a good student.

A few of my favorite stories about Sam show
his academic follie and his self-awareness.

Both his older brother and sister have
been in the Extended Learning Programs.

The kids have the opportunity to test into these classes.
When it came time for Sam to take the tests
he did WONDERFUL!!!

He came home so proud and said,

"Well, what is done is done!
I took the test and for every answer I knew
I picked a wrong answer!

I don't know what Gavin and Clarissa
think is SMART about being in ELP.

What is smart about having EXTRA homework!!!

I won't be doing that!"

And ...he didn't get in to the program!!!
Top of the class....extra time to play!

Pretty academic!

...or EPIC,
as his brother noted!!!

And regarding his
self- awareness/responsible nature,

Sam has always had a job doing something.
He likes to earn his own money,
and often pays for his own field trip fees,
among so many things.

We took a trip to Moab a few years back,
at the Gas Station Sam pulled out his wallet for his snacks,
looked at his Dad, and said,

"Dad, I will get your treats for you today!"

It was such a sweet gesture of awareness
and responsibility.

When Sam was about six years old he had
been working for our neighbors doing
Poop Patrol.

He keeps their lawns free of Dog doo doo.

One day he said to me...

"I really wish I didn't have to work!"

I replied, "Sam, you don't have to if you don't want to."

He said, "Well, until Dad starts getting paid DOLLARS,
I need to keep my job."

At that time Sam was getting paid in Dollars,
He was aware that everyday his Dad came home and put
CHANGE on the counter from his pockets.

Sam thought his Dad was
ONLY getting paid that CHANGE
for his work day,
so he thought he HAD to keep a job
to help contribute to the household finances...

...at SIX years YOUNG!!!

silly cute boy

Happy 11th Birthday Sam!

All he wanted for his birthday
was a FACEBOOK account!
Shoes,...and pants!!!

That Sam I Am ...that Sam I Am...
"Mom, I DO NOT like Green Eggs and Ham!!!"

all these years...
I have been making
Green Eggs and Ham
for Sam's Birthday breakfast!!!

This morning he tells me...he DOESN"T like
Green Eggs and Ham...

That Sam I AM!!!

How about Bacon
and Homemade Buttermilk Syrup!!!
Baxter loves BACON!!!

We Love You Sam!!!


Liz said...

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y! ! !

You are an amazing young man. I love to see you and listen the trumpet, as you play it. Everything your mother wrote about you and more is all TRUE!
I accepted you as a friend on FACEBOOK! Love your gift...
Aunt Liz ♥♥♥

LeShel said...

That SAM i am that SAM i am... I do so LOVE that SAM!!

Happy day! Can't wait to see you this summer and watch you and Anthony create fun trouble.

suzie said...

Oh Sam is so cute, I am going to have to get on FB just for him...later!

my happiness!

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