Wednesday, March 3, 2010

FuNnY FeBruArY

So much happened in February...the month FLEW by. I kept pretty good notes on the calendar regarding some funnies that I wanted to journal. And then there are the regretted thoughts and moments that I was sure I wouldn't forget...and would find the time to write about....Hmmmm, what were those thoughts.....

Well, anyhow. In order for me to hang my calendar back up I have to get these things written....March is MARCHING and I am nothing if I don't have my calendar...

February 1st: Family Home Evening and Sam's Play Rehearsal...and ....I have a GF on the calendar...Don't know what it stands for but it is there at least three other times....hmmmmm...

February 2nd: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRECIOUS NATALIE. What a beauty this girl is. So easy to hard to miss! Oh, and the first appointment of the SEASON...and got a lunch date with Brian ...Lucky ME!!!

February 3rd...A day with Grandpa. YEAH...BBALL, Scouts...Young Men's/Young Women's, Date Night...RS Presidency Meeting....Sam Play Rehearsal...Jeremy MAD SCIENCE....

Okay...enough is ENOUGH....

February FUNNIES:

Friday the 5th:

Zoe, Emma and Eliza spent the weekend with us.

Zoe was asking Jeremy a LOT of questions.
Jeremy responded,
"Well Zoe, there is a lot about growing
up that I just don't understand yet.

[I wish that answer worked everytime!!!]

Saturday, Feb 6th:

Eliza to me: That's really sweet of you going to change me. It's yucky!

Gavin to us regarding the chaos of tending the girls: I am going downstairs to CHILL. I didn't choose this....THIS is why you put it off on someone else to take care of them till they grow up....You have one kid and you adopt them after this stage!!!

*note about the CHAOS...I think it is quite FUN.
REALLY...even cleaning up fish food, and
pixie sticks, and Fun Dip....and on and on....

It cracks me up because I am no longer in that stage...
Trust me to say this...I will vacuum 10 times a day
over the drama of two teenagers who speak
a foreign language [with their eyes]
and who live a foreign culture.

just realizing that I no longer am one,
therefore I am NOT AS COOL as I think I am!!!!

Tuesday the 9th:

Jeremy to me after dropping my phone for the umpteenth time!
"Mom, you keep dropping your phone!
You need an ARMORED phone and one that
is NOT a touch screen."

Monday, Feb. 15th:

Gavin regarding our dog Baxters
Shock Collar.

[Yes, we have one, and
YES we use it.
in actuality for all the Pet lovers
who think they are inhumane...
A dog is NOT,
problem solved.
...and we used it for training only,
needed it for about one day,
and now when he wears the collar...
he doesn't NEED it,
again...PROBLEM solved!!!]

Gavin however thinks it is a toy...
He loves joking around with it...

putting it on himself...his brothers,
his sister if he could talk her into it!
Weird child!

One day when he was pondering,
and feeling king of the castle
he stated:

"I think all PEOPLE should be born with shock collars
...would solve a lot of the worlds problems!"

There again...PROBLEMS SOLVED!!!

And friends, is Februaries Funnies

[sadly, the ones I wrote down...I will forever wonder about all the other laughs I had, that I was ALWAYS going to remember, and NEVER forget--



LeShel said...

love this post. love all the fun things your kids say. love your kids. love YOU

Liz said...


suzie said...

I am so laughing about this whole post! The shock collar...seriously so funny. That was one funny February!

si tu veux said...

One of these days I will get a picture of Gavin with his shock collar remote hanging around his neck. LOL. He is probably right too, we could solve a lot of problems if we just shocked people when they were doing stupid stuff...or barking up the wrong tree... I think Gavin is on the fast track to being Jim from the Office...his hero!!!

my happiness!

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