Friday, March 12, 2010

Cutting the Apron Strings

It's a
[slightly overprotective]
Mother's prerogative
to be nervous while waiting to drive her
first born to his first dance...

particularly when his FIRST dance is
Junior Prom....and he has a date!
[sort of...I guess you should call it a date
when a girl calls your son and asks
him to attend Junior Prom...
even if said date is
a group of his Church Basketball buddies...
who are also attending with
girls who asked them to Junior Prom.]

Reminds me of Sleepless in Seattle...the part where
he is talking to his son about the possibility of
going out on a date and his son says
"Things have changed, they ask you!"

Well, they do. :(

Of course, I was ready and armed
with my camera to take a picture at first sight...

Too bad my aim was off and it is a bit blurry...
however he allowed me one more chance!
[I personally like his first CANDID smile best,
hence....posting both...his first is NATURAL,
and shows his anticipation and excitement!]

Looking a little TOO SWEET to me!
Gavin...not the candy...LOL]

Thats my boy...fixing everything with duct tape...

LOVE the shoes!!!

...getting the corsage from the refridgerator...

It was quite a ride...
not long enough,
if you ask me.

And it wasn't just the ride
to drop him off.

It was the time between his birth,
and today...

Not LONG enough.

I came home...
dry eyes.

I refuse to cry.

I cried with him the first time
he scrapped his knee.

I cried for him after he got 57 stitches,

when he wasn't looking,
of course.

I cried when he went to Kindergarten;
maybe not as much as his dad did,
but I cried.
Watching Brian release him
from his protective arms,
and watching him watch him walk away
on that first day...
etched in my mind and heart,

He had that same look today,
Gavin did.
Anticipation and excitement.
Growing, going....gone!
On another adventure.

I cried when he stepped into the
waters of Baptism,
He was looking,
and he comforted me
with that Smile, his SMILE!

I cried when he went on Pioneer Trek
for the first time.
He had just graduated 6th Grade;
12 years old;
it didn't seem right.

I cried
when he went to Junior High,
High School....

When he passed the sacrament
for the first time, me...

But not today.

Oh, who am I fooling...

I am letting him GROW,
not letting him GO!

Anne and Gavin

photographer advice...thank goodness!

the motley crew!

what happens ...well, we will leave that alone!

and off they go

my favorite pictures...
in front of the ironing board, LOL!

Love you Gavin ♥

and of course...a drive by of the limo
i didn't slow down...with a kid like Gavin, need!

1 comment:

Liz said...

Not many mom's get to be so involved. You are amazing! He is one hot man.
What did he do with the duct tape?
That's a group of some pretty hot girls and guys.
Hope you had a BLAST, Gavin.
Aunt Liz

my happiness!

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