Friday, March 5, 2010

Clarissa's Pencil: A Tale of Texting


Liz said...

I guess it is a good thing she Never forgets her phone, just pencils for school... he, he, he...

suzie said...

did you take her pencils? so funny!

si tu veux said...

okay...YES I did take her pencils, for a LOT of reasons. I love when my kids need something simple and ridiculous at the same time, and I can fulfill that, without question. So wonderful. She had a pencil and somewhere between Spanish and Math it grew legs and walked away. It wasn't really about her needing a much as it was about her needing a hug and a smile and someone she could count on. I am glad that person was me. It won't always be I take it while I can. It cracked me up when while I was waiting for her to come out of class with the excuse she had to go potty....that I looked up and saw that POSTER!!! Right outside her classroom. LOL, totally random!!! If she was truly irresponsible then I would have let her to without and learn the hard way, but she is not so....I knew it was about more than the pencil.

btw Suzie...have I been blogging enough for you!!! You owe me some now. LOLOLOL

si tu veux said...

....Gavin pointed out that at least she was asking for a pack of pencils. It could have been worse!!!

And really, in a Junior High...NO ONE else has a pencil....???

My cute Clarissa!!! ♥

my happiness!

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