Saturday, March 6, 2010

Congrats on the BABY....Cecilia --- Great name!!! ♥

"I want to hold the baby!"


Liz said...

Steve drove me NUTS! I was so surprised with the name. Now everyone will be using the name. BEAUTIFUL name.

si tu veux said...

"I need to go wash my eyes!"

LeShel said...

We know where the name came from first!

suzie said...



So funny, I mean hilarious! I need to start watching that show because what I have seen of it makes me laugh so incredibly hard.

...On Friday, when I picked up Natalie from school the principal, whom I always thought did not have a sense of humor, had to tell me that Jim & Pam named the baby Cecilia...apparently that is her favorite show. She said she couldn't believe it because she never hears the name Cecilia, and then we named our baby Cecilia AND then THEY named their baby Cecilia and she couldn't wait to tell me and she thinks that now it is going to be a popular name...

my happiness!

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