Monday, March 15, 2010

The girl in the pink shirt...

We had the MOST wonderful
visit with

Uncle Jesse,
Aunt Jessica
and NATE NATE!!!!!

With that beautiful

I don't even have to explain!!!

Such a happy well-raised boy!

Grandpa Cecil, Nate, Jesse

Nate wanted to CONSTANTLY
play with
'the girl in the pink shirt'
[to zoe's chagrin!!!]

He would call her Zoe
but mostly would say,
"Where is the girl in the pink shirt?!!!"

SO cute!!!
Zoe went along with it,
but at HER is
"hard to play
with those little kids all the time!"
[major eye roll here]

Can you believe we could get a picture
of them all smiling and looking forward!
Mother of the Year award coming SOON!

ps: anyone who can figure out
what is wrong with my camera
[---overexposed, messes with your eyes---etc!]
i will bake you cookies....anykind
[and that is NOT meant to be a threat!]

...okay okay...i will talk my Aunt into making
some of her amazing cookies for you. lol

Jesse, [Gavin....who kept jumping in on the family photo]
Jessica and Nathanial!

We thoroughly enjoyed the visit from Jesse's family.
We are blessed to have the addition of Aunt Jessica,
so beautiful and sweet and happy,
and KIND,
and just plain lovely.

And to have Nate heart is FULL!!!

They are on their way to visit Aunt Suzie, Nat, Cece and Uncle "Uncle Kevins house" [according to Nate].
Enjoy, and prayers for safe travel for them! ♥

...more pictures to be posted later,
dinner, Family Home Evening....
all calling my name!

oh wait.....SQUIRREL!
no wonder i don't get much done.
[damn squirrels] lol


Liz said...

I do not know what is wrong with your camera. My cookies look really good. :O)

LeShel said...

best pictures ever... love seeing your family

my happiness!

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