Thursday, May 13, 2010

2dAy in piCtuReS


Liz said...

Who is that behind the wheel of your TOYOTA? She looks so beautiful. You look great, at home in your bed...
How dare you waste a scoop of ice cream by placing it on the counter.
Love the card - follow it...
Why did it rain on my happy parade yesterday? It rained in far too many ways besides the sky!
Love you dear!

in time out said...

what rained on your parade...let me at it...i can still kick some butt.

i got that picture of the WASTE ice cream. i would have had to lick the counter.

following my orders well. your card and this one are great advice.

mom does look beautiful...and confident! GO GRANNY!!!

the kids seem to LOVE the chart. they like the organization, and their dads attention. Sam did over and above his chores for extra credit...WAY TO GO SAM!!!

love you too!

my happiness!

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