Tuesday, October 27, 2009

To remind myself:

“We are seeking to build up and to establish righteousness in the hearts of the people, and I want to see you, as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, male and female,

so industrious,

so active in the discharge of your duties as Latter-day Saints,

so humble,

so submissive to the will of the Lord

that you will not have time to spend

in magnifying the weaknesses,

the follies and the faults of your neighbors and of your fellow members of the Church.

The Lord knows there is evil enough said in the world thoughtlessly; and without any particular intent to do wrong, but merely through the weakness of men to talk, talk, talk and say nothing–let us work and not talk.”

- Joseph F. Smith, “Conference Report,” October 1911, p. 10

Love this beautiful message today. I find myself spending a great amount of time TALKING about my own weaknesses, my own follies, my own faults.... that I am not finding myself productive and submissive to the will of the Lord. I am the way I am because he designed me as such. I am here to overcome the weaknesses that I have through diligence, through hard work, through humbly turning myself over to Him.

All the experiences I have are for my good, for my growth.

All the good and the bad that I am subjected to are blessings from him to strengthen my soul and enlighten my wisdom.

I wanted to take this message today and remind myself that it is even in how we talk talk talk about ourselves, our struggles, our trials, how we focus on them....that is not part of His design.

Celebrate who you are today, for I will be celebrating me, all of me, and I hope to overcome the negativity, inadequacy, and loneliness I have in moments where I pick myself apart .

May I be industrious,

May I be submissive,

May I be humble,

May I be active.....and WORK....on becoming

who He sees me

to be...

...in my Father's hands...


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Love you so very much!

my happiness!

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