Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Brian can say NO!



LeShel said...

i can't... look how sweet.

Liz said...

So do you have or not have a cat?

suzie said...

oh how cute. I haven't met a kitty yet that didn't make me want to take it home. And then there is the voice of reason, aka Kevin who reminds me that they get big, shed, scratch the furniture, make a stinky mess and is one more mouth to feed! Blahblahblahblah!
Remember the time we found six abandoned newborn kittens stuck up under the hood of a car and he helped me nurse them and find homes for them and didn't let me keep ONE! That was eleven years ago and I can still hear all their little mewmewmewmewmew's.

So what is this little fur balls story?

si tu veux said...

This little baby became homeless when the man in our ward who lost his home due to the BIG fire last year was told he could not keep the kitty. We helped him take her to a friend of his, who watched her until he could SNEEK her back into his new place. I respected Brian for once and we didn't keep the kitty, even temporarily. I guess you could say we have fostered her into our family via friendship, and still get to see her. So sweet, BUT ... I would have kept her from the beginning.

I guess I have gotten my way for so long that I threw him a bone on this one and let him have his way....or say...! [for now]

I think I hear a kitty meewwwwing in our future. Lucy needs a friend!

Suzie....you should have kept at least one, so SAD. But you did a really good thing, and got to enjoy the best part of kittys, the baby stage!!!

Liz said...

So as sweet as the photo is the answer was "no"!

si tu veux said...

yep, pretty much.

He said he was saving me from myself,

...and after having 11 kids yesterday, 3 school projects, cat, dog, fish, tarantula, hamster, basketball meetings for high school, dinner for a neighbor, a Young Woman's Excellence display to help with, class Halloween party to coordinate, a midterm in History, Relief Society lesson to plan, and a partridge in a pear tree....I suppose he was somewhat on track!

[plus I flooded my own basement yesterday having a Dori moment, TBBL]

so, needless to say, he texted me back with this adorable picture yesterday and said, "I SOOOOO SAVED YOU!!!"


Proudfeet said...

That picture is too cute! My parents tried what I think may be the same stunt with a puppy my brother brought home, but after three days of family depression he was back with us! We saw Brian at Costco the other day, he must have been alone because I scowered the store looking for that little red head! We miss you guys!!

It's me said...

You are making me even more pet hungry. Since the passing of my bunny... I have been missing animals around!

my happiness!

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