Thursday, October 15, 2009

and the hits just keep on coming....

Driving Gavin to Football this afternoon,
his usual headphone bound head trapped in thought....

I tap....

He turns to me....

I say..."so, what's on your mind?"

He replies, "wondering why if we are going to move we don't just move for real...."

Me: For real?

Him: up to the Avenues or something....

He continues: [talkative....yes, I am shocked]
Why not just sell both houses and all of us move in together?

By all of us he means Colleen and Mel,
Maureen and George,
Brian and myself with the kids.......

Me: Ummmm, and that would be a good idea why???

Him: Well, someday us kids are going to have to take care of Colleen and Mel and Maureen and George as well as you and Dad.

We can have a whole retirement
community set up there!!!!

Me: You had better be able to read my mind buddy!!!!

[if you are confused refer to previous post....Football Funny!]

How old do your kids think you are???


Liz said...

No this is quite the suggestion, I might add. I am glad he can read your mind. Hopefully it was cleaner than my mind would have been. :O)

LeShel said...

It's nice he's willing to take care of you! My kids aren't so sure they want in on my old people needs.

suzie said...

Okay, not so funny!

my happiness!

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