Wednesday, January 6, 2010

While I Was Away!

A trip down memory lane:

My dear Saint Brian went through about 7,000 photos on our computer to make room for the 3,000 I took while in Arizona.
He deleted, fixed, focused, downloaded to disc and to mini hard-drive, documenting our last year in pictures.

Daily we enjoy the computer slideshow.
It is often that I find the kids
watching their lives in pictures
at the computer desk,
njoying the memories.
I lose time her
e as well, and yet,
the lost time is priceless
as I recount the many memories;
artwarming memories,
that we have made.

Here are Brian's new picks [past years and present] for our slideshow!

The Horses by our Cabin

Just Hanging out!
no one sits in time out alone in our
family, a friend will always join them.

Labor Day Weekend 2009

Yellowstone...Beauty Pond.

Fish Lake

Sending our friend Glenn off to serve in Iraq.

Red River Ranch
and Capitol Reef
We hung out with Gavin
at Miller Sports Park
while he was working
for Dyson Racing.

He was there for 6 days, overnight,
helping the team with odds and ends.

He is a hard worker,
and the invitation from this group
is such an honor
and based on his work ethic.

Below he and his buddy Josh are

with the team.
Left front right next to the car.
A VERY happy DAY!

I am going to play on Gavin's Team!!!

Moons ago...but such fun.
Camping in Capitol Reef.
I think Brian loves these photos
because he missed this trip.
We called him often but
it was me and the kids camping.
He worried about us alone...
we missed him at home...
As much as we love camping,
we would rather be camping with daddy!

We are a Happy Family...

Oregon Coast - August 2009

.Our favorite Jake!

Mom's Birthday Day with Dad!

Easter Sunday and Family Home Evening!
.Daddy's Ice Princess ♥

Days at the cabin,
and Winters in Idaho!

Messy Faces and Hair!
Jesse's Wedding in Oregon.

.party of five.

...or four! ♥

...and Multnomah Falls

The Stange Manor in Idaho
Our one night stay
in a Bed and Breakfast with the kids!

Jeremy in primary....future Missionary

Mr's and Monkeys

i eye spy jeremy

Ever fall asleep praying?

Great games of scrabble!
Memories keep us living!

In the end as Brian showed me his favorite pictures
I was thankful that he had the time
and opportunity to pour over our past,
the memories we have made,
that we hold in our hearts,
that keep us living,
and making new amazing moments,

Watching the Bee Man
in our Ward Garden.
What a trip...
down memory lane!

Jeremy' Baptism Day
and Dinner at the Roof
on Temple Square

Rock Crawling in Moab

San Diego with Suzanne


Who can forget the Cayman Islands...

Airport Cayman Style

Being Content

the first Mc Donalds

The Pier in Chicago

Chicago Skyline

...or Art Museums
whatever you want to call them!!!

meaningful memories made here

Loving Leaves!
Riding Horses in Southern Utah
Emma and Eliza's
blessing day.

Aunt Katrina's Wedding

United States
Master Diagnostic Toyota Champion

Snow Forts


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Liz said...

Wow! What a man.
I love this set, because there are so many that I have not seen. ♥

my happiness!

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