Friday, January 15, 2010

Taking January OFF!

You have heard to the GHOST of CHRISTMAS PAST....

...well here are some of our GOALS of New Years Past!!!

adopted and adapted
the Speakman Family rules
generously loaned
to aid in formating our family constitution!
another sister Sheri's
Stake 4 by 4 plan

New Year 2010

I am always a little behind it seems. I generally love the month of January. To catch up on things I didn't accomplish in the past year. To reflect, and make goals for the coming year. Usually I feel a pressure to keep up with the Joneses and the Smiths and the Crandells. You could just insert your name here ________, we are trying to keep up with you.

Everyone has a way of doing something, and I love what I learn from each of you. I adopt your practices as I feel they would benefit our families circumstances, or that I would have the follow through necessary to do what you do. I am pretty good at preventing my own failure by just not starting things I know I won't keep up.

Usually by this point of January I have a game plan. We are ready to help the kids set goals, I have a presentation to put in motion....Not this year.

This year....I decided my resolve was to NOT resolve, my only goal was procrastination. I was going to put off goal and resolution day....until February. Our New Year will begin February the meantime I am taking the time OFF to let last year linger, to enjoy the sights and sounds of the holidays for a wee bit longer.

So if any of you all are missing the Holidays; and wanting a little more Christmas, stop by.

You will find us curled up under the Christmas tree lights, reading a book, playing with Santa's loot.

What you wont find is me feeling like a failure because I have already indulged all my New Years Goals....I am saving that beating for next month.

...and I am taking this month off, and so good!


Liz said...

The beating will be much shorter, since Feb. is a not as looonnnggggggg
as January.
No resolutions here, with me yet. Maybe I'll try some in February. ♥♥♥
I hate resolutions because I never know just what to decide to do different for a day. :O)

si tu veux said...

One resolution I am making is to eat MORE chocolate. I know I can keep it, wont have to take a beating for that, and Chocolate makes me feel good and HAPPY, so why wouldn't I do something so beneficial! I have to resolve to do it because so much goes into it...balancing the diet around it, budgeting for it, hiding it from the much planning, so much planning, so much planning....hey, I think I hear a chocolate bar whispering my name from the closet in my room....shhhhhh. ♥ gtg

Liz said...

I knew my name was being called and it was delicious, straight from your hidden stash...
Wonderful day..wonderful memories, wonderful moments with so many loved ones.

my happiness!

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