Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What have the boys been up too?

Candlelight dinners hosted by daddy....
[ugggg, i deleted the picture. it was SOOOO cute!]

Curling Iron Shopping???
Why do we girls make our boys run around for us???
After about 5 photo texts and many phone calls we will have to pick it out when we get back....poor boys!

Pinewood Derby car making in less than favorable weather....25 degrees
in the garage???
Can you see Jeremy's breath???

Park City.....a wonderful day for the boys.Sam hung out with the big boys...
thanks Gav, for keeping him S A F E!!!

Gavin showed Sam the ropes of the park today.
After a speaker phone call this evening he may have shown him more ropes than I was ready for...

We LOVE our boys and are so happy to hear from them.
I cling to every update and text....They even texted to ask for MORE pictures of the baby...and I think I have sent them dozens!!!
Such wonderful little men, lead by a truly amazing man!!!

On the agenda for tomorrow: A Train Ride up Soldier Summit, followed by some Laser Tag, which the boys have assured me dad is playing and he is going to "get it". Go boys!!!!! ... A little bowling in the evening, and another helping of dad's favorites: candlelight dinner!!! So much fun!

Thanks Mr. B...for taking the sting out of Mom being away.Love you all dearly!

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