Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays ♥

The top of the tree,
after 23 strands of lights
meticulously wrapped,
I gave up....

Some Holiday adventures...
Skiing is always the top of Gavin's list,

...and visits to loved ones is the greatest part of the season.

Learning how to make Grandpas special airplanes.

"He knows how because he flew them in the war!"
[quote is from jeremy]

Helping with the tree.

A sleepover in the front room.

eye i spy with my little eye...
clarissa, sam and jeremy

We took the kids to the Gateway for Monday Night...
they were filled with delight at the big Christmas tree.

Brian took the boys to
D. Grant Ltd.
to pick a tie.

Gavin was a bit shocked at the
Suits and
750$ shoes.

He got a tie.

Clarissa had a fitting at Victoria Secrets.

When Brian brought the boys in to pay....

the look of shock on their faces was the
greatest blush of the season.

Gavin said
"Just concentrate on Mom's face."

Sam said
"Start singing hymns Jeremy."

Soon enough Brian was pushing/escorting
Sam and Jeremy to the register.

Jeremy had his fists over his eyes,
Sam had his face buried in flat hands.

The ladies in the store were grinning from
ear to ear
looking at the boys embarrassment.

To Gavin I said....
"Have a look."

He replied,

"I am focusing on you mom....all I see is you."

What great boys!

And finally, Clarissa has some
unmentionables that FIT.

A task in itself for anyone

with a teenage daughter.
[If you have ever had one, you know what I mean!]

...just a taste of our Christmas preparations and pleasures.

...hoping you and yours are enjoying the holidays!


LeShel said...

I'm finally caught up! Love the santa letters, the bathroom and hallway pic are beautiful! Have a wonderful Christmas

Liz said...

Love the FAMILY evnt!!!

Proudfeet said...

Happy holidays!! You certainly are very festive!! Hope it is a great one!!

suzie said...

Boys are so funny, and fun to embarrass. Sounds and looks like a ton of fun!

my happiness!

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