Tuesday, December 22, 2009

the NAUGHTY list

Oh how I have loved this years Santa Letters.

Quotes from the following have brought me great smiles, or maybe I am smirking....hehehe.

Dear Santa...

Thank you for every present you have given me in the past. I am deeply sorry if I almost made the notty list but PLEASE don't give me coal. I am TOO young.

Thx. Good Luck. Love, Clarissa

Dear Santa...

Thanks for all you do!

I am sorry if I was bad this year. If there is something I can do to make it so I don't get coal I will do it.

Thank you, Sam

Dear Santa...

Thank you for what you do. I would like new Church Clothes and a Action Figure guy. Thank you! Jeremy

Gavin verbally wished for Peace, Hope, Happiness....he didn't need to write a list because Santa reads his mind. [ummmm, okay???]

The lists were written and mailed weeks ago. The kids have been being really good, and more helpful than usual. I guess the naughty list scare is working wonders for us. Interesting though because they didn't get the idea they were on it from me. Must be some confused internal guide....they are such good kids!~!!!

So... the boys were cleaning their room last week and I praised them for a job well done.

Jeremy turned to me and told me that he was cleaning it for the Hampsters.

I said, "WHAT HAMPSTERS???????
You didn't tell Santa you wanted a Hampster."

Sam replied to me,
"Nope, we PRAYED to Jesus for them."


Merry Christmas everyone! Hopefully a few more updates of our activities will be blogged.....seriously sad when living life prevents you from blogging it!!!

As for Christmas letters and cards????...
I am looking to sending on Valentine Greetings! [...and Gavin is hoping I will send them earlier in January as Season Greetings....I guess Valentines are NOT so cool to send his friends families....we will see.

In the meantime... love to you all and hoping that you have a wonderful season. Thanks for all your great love and support throughout the year.

We are so blessed to have
and know you all!

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suzie said...

I hope Santa can read my mind!

my happiness!

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