Tuesday, December 22, 2009

ahhhh, a beautiful rendition

Those of you who know us well enough know that we don't do anything on credit....time or money credit. Everything is well planned and waited upon until the timing is right. I can't say that living with my bathroom for 17 years has been the best decision, but it served its purpose and I loved having a bathroom.

Heavens, I could have had to use a hose and an outhouse....so a bathroom with fixtures from the 1930's worked fine for me. I think the ceiling was put in in the 70's....so it had some updates.

When Brian and I bought the home 16 years ago we painted, and once since we replaced the wallpaper. It has been cleaned, new towels have been bought....we were doing great with what we had.

I walked past carpet at Costco a few weeks ago and doing so Brian saw the want in my eyes. I don't usually want for anything, but this time....I guess he thought I really WANTED it. It started a snowball effect of remodeling.

When we first moved into our home I expressed that I wanted the hallway painted. I wanted a clean fresh room to sit and nurse my babies. It was the LAST room we painted.....and we painted it last week.

My kids are 15, 13, 10 and 8....and while I wont be nursing any of them, they will each be taking turns letting me rock them in our fresh clean hallway.

The past few weeks have been full of painting, cleaning, new carpet, remodeling, FINALS for me, and Christmas preparation....and as I took my first bubble bath in the tub Friday evening I lay there with gratitude, knowing that my life....is perfect.....for me.

My trials are perfect,
my pains are perfect,
my past is perfect,
my present is perfect....

And while none of these things have any element of perfection.....they fit me just right. They may not be the size I wish they were, ....who wouldn't want to be a PERFECT 2.....however, they are just right for me, cozy, pleasant, fitting.

I have been asked for pictures.....i will [hopefully today] post a few of the stages of remodeling. This physical remodel can in no way represent the spiritual, mental and emotional remodeling that I have been doing, but the beauty and peace that has come from the remodeling of our home, has also been present within me.

I approach this season with feelings of Peace, of Happiness, of Love, of being Content.

Happy Holidays everyone....wishing you all these and more in your own personal lives. We love you ♥

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