Monday, December 5, 2011

monday. toothday. shrekday.

We have tried a variety of methods to ice his cheeks.
"Not cold enough", said of previous tries!

Thus we have placed ice in baggies, in tin foil, in my net stockings :)
[shhhhh, Gavin just knows it's a net, fishing net maybe!!!]

Just realized maybe the ice isn't COLD enough
because he can not feel his cheeks!

poor little chipmunk!


Liz said...

What the heck are you defrosting, Gavin?

Liz said...

It looks like two spoon roasts wrapped in foil.... LOL
I really am sorry you are in pain, man! :O(

in time out said... was a funny thing! The ice pack is BRILLIANT...socks [er, pantyhose, hehe] tied up on his head. The tin foil was to keep it cold? Don't know that it helped much! He is doing great, and not a pain at, in pain! Well, maybe a little.

Thanks for spending the day with us. Love you AuntieLiz!

my happiness!

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