Friday, November 27, 2009


When I begin to count my blessings for the past year one specific comes to mind.
Family....immediate and extended, ward and friends.

Thanksgiving was a day of enjoying some of our extended family, and pondering on those who we are far from yet dear to our hearts. It was a beautiful day of food, friendship, fun and FOOTBALL....[as you can see from the grass/mud stains on all our knees].

What a wonderful year of growth and experiences we have had. We are thankful for many blessings, and many trials which have brought us closer to one another, and closer to our Heavenly Father, who as promised never lets us fail. We fall, but with Him, we do not fail.

We are thankful for health and strength, for spiritual guidance, for faith, for our earthly comforts of home and food and provision through Brian's hard work and employment.

We are thankful for education and recreation which keeps us actively engaged in good things.

We are thankful for eternal families and for knowledge that we will be with those we love again someday. We are thankful for forgiveness and love and laughter....

We are thankful for the good word that helps us to have happiness through good decisions.

We are thankful for awesome family and friends, many of whom we have been able to see, both near and far, during the year.

We are thankful for this beautiful earth which testifies to us that there is something more to life beyond today. We are thankful for family night, and family dinners.

We are thankful for the protection our soldiers so willingly sacrifice to offer us.

We are thankful for good music,...and fun music [some I don't find so g-o-o-d! but the kids enjoy].

We are thankful for Football season, Basketball season....Soccer, and Survivor!!!

We are thankful for you.
We love Y O U!

Thank you for sharing our lives,
for your sweet thoughts
that show you care
and love us too.

Happy Thanksgiving!


suzie said...

Happy Turkey Recovery Day!
Cute family picture. Looks like Brian and Gavin are jockeying for the back of the couch. Natalie wants to know what Jeremy is doing... Love the grass stains, how fun! What is not fun, is Kevin eating the pavement trying to race Natalie. It was suppose to be a friendly turkey trot and he took it a little too serious. So all night I had to listen to him moan about his scraped-up shoulder, elbow, knees and gravel stuck in his hands. I thought he fell to make us all laugh, but his face dive was all to real and so is his pain. Poor baby!

Liz said...

YOU and YOUR family are so beautiful and I am grateful for you! I am glad that you have so many blessing in your life.
Love you.

LeShel said...

happy thanksgiving!

Sherilyn said...

Stacie, I am thankful for you and your family. You all are wonderful, and you enrich my life. Thanks for always being there. Love You!!!

my happiness!

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