Saturday, November 21, 2009

Opening Day Park City!!!

What's better than Christmas?
[actual quote from the kid!]

What can keep a kid from sleeping?
[he couldn't sleep and found his friends
texting him in the middle of the night,
also not sleeping because of complete excitement!]

What makes mom and dad wake up on
a Saturday before 6 AM????

What requires a favorite breakfast of bacon,
pancakes and homemade buttermilk syrup?

THIS 15 year OLD!
...and opening day at PARK CITY!!!!

Even bigger smiles today
than were seen on his BIRTHDAY!!!!

It's not you!
The picture is bleary.....eyed me!
TOO early in the morning.

it looked good when I took it.

hehehe ♥


Liz said...

Ski away and enjoy! Yes, Stacie that picture is not one of your better ones. It's cold and he wants to go?

si tu veux said...

Headed out in his flip flops. Kids his age don't feel the cold!

I just played around with the camera. Clarissa has been taking it to school, thank goodness for insurance...frightening.

She changed a bunch of settings for her art class. I don't know how to change them back. Yikes.

How are you today?

suzie said...

How fun and exciting! Hey, I would be bleary eyed at 6 AM on a Saturday too...

my happiness!

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