Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Clarissa and Soccer, A perfect MATCH!!!

She FAST!!!



She's ON THE BALL!!!

Clarissa LOVES soccer.
She is really good at it!!!

I love her crazy SOCKS!!!

Way to GO Clarissa!!!


Kim said...

I had no idea. That's awesome! What league is she playing on?

Liz said...

CRAZY SOCKS!!! Oh, how KATRINA would love them. She still never wears a matching pair...
Yeah! Clarissa

Liz said...

She's, also BEAUTIFUL!

suzie said...

I wish I could see her play. I love all the pictures. Warning...random childhood rant: Since [my mother] only went to one game in six years, the only time I was photographed was for the yearly team photos; sniff sniff and that was after I walked up hill in snow to get to my games by myself! Okay most of that is true... ;) Oh and did I mention that I also had to pay for it all by myself with my babysitting money... boohoohoo...

my happiness!

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