Tuesday, May 24, 2011

mountains into mole hills

enlightenment as i climb...

a while back my boys helped my grandfather to set off some bombs in his garden to deal with some pesky pets.
hmmmm [memory here],
it was the most interesting of summer days.

i think grandpa was as excited...maybe more....as the boys and he scampered off to the garden to blow up ...ahem, ...stuff!

anyhow, i have been thinking of all the mountains i create out of daily mole hills.

it seems that moles [in life] are consistent and CONSTANT in making their presence known. from the irritating opinion of a well-intended friend or family member to the irrational commentary too often offered, and of course the media and subliminal expectation of perfection advertised incessantly... dirt brought to the surface...for a purpose?

the one i struggle the most with is the voice inside my head,
which takes all this aforementioned input and grows it,
to full bloom.

it seems that i have accessed way too much fertilizer to keep those thoughts and ponderings healthy and growing.
yet... set aside what said fertilizer really is....poop.
what is the point of poop?
it's waste.

as such thoughts present,
WASTE should really
be used
to grow these
irritating opinion
and irrational commentary

fact: i spend way to much time
considering and giving power
to anothers opinion of me.

really....a WASTE of time.

insert wisdom here:


I am not restricted by old,
limiting beliefs from
my family, my friends, or from society.

obody can make you feel inferior
without your consent.

~Eleanor Roosevelt

No one can create negativity or stress within you.
Only you can do that by virtue of how you process your world.

No one can depress you.

No one can make you anxious.

No one can hurt your feelings.

No one can make you anything other that what you allow inside.

None of these are tried and tested, none proven [by me...yet],
and if I had scientifically tested these theory's,
they would still be theory,
theory: aka...my opinion.

However I believe each statement can be used to re-write the brains wrong.
Repeat daily, until re-wiring [righting] is effective and enough to empower the combatant of input [wrongs], also known as: daily tortures used to self-inflict beliefs that you are less than another, because you give another person power in their opinion.

WISDOM: Success is an inside job!
Being relaxed, at peace with yourself, confident, and emotionally neutral
---these are the keys to successful performance in almost everything you do.

If you want to find a deeper meaning in your life,
you can not find it in the OPINIONS
or the beLIEfs
that have been handed to you.
You have to go to that place within yourself.

Look for the meaning of YOUR life
withing YOURself!

Why I have ever given up
resident expert
to another person or persons is beyond me!

Resident expert is as said....resident.
The only resident of me is ME.

I decide what I allow in.
I decide what I process, and ponder, and keep.
I decide what I discard...[
what is poop].
I decide what to grow.


The person looking back at you
in the mirror is the
one you have to answer to
every day.

so, back to mountains and mole hills. mole hills are created by moles...little well-intended furry creatures whose life's work is to incite rage and despair in gardeners, to cause havoc to the growth of potential nourishment.
innocently these little furry creatures are only doing what is best for their survival.
yet what they do is underground...in the dark.
moles; there is reason in the rhyme...making mountains out of mole hills...rather; be a mole, or climb a mountain...

moles are scrounge animals
and their work is viral to the gardeners garden.

...similarily are others well- [??] intended meddling and commentary...
[and i have been really troubled with the assumptions and the processing of others...havoc.]

i had forgotten this simple statement, this WISDOM:

...set aside the bad opinions....

One of the HIGHEST places you can get to
is to be
of other people.

...forget what others think GOOD
or BAD
of you...

What other people
think of me
is NONE of my business.

may i reap...only what i plant.

and further...may i use the fertilizer
of lessons, of past experiences, of trials and errors]
to grow useful thoughts and ponderings;
healthy nourishment for my soul.

the rest is just...waste!

Big or little, mountain or mole hill. Doesn't matter.
What matters is within me;
my opinion, my belief.

so, these wisdoms, are my BOMBS....watch out little well-intended moles.
I have a mountain to climb.

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Liz said...

How well we find those moles and yet we do allow them to dig and dig. Believing we can do nothing. We can do something, we will do something!
Nuclear reaction style! Luv U! ♥♥♥

my happiness!

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